2021 Season Updates

Welcome back to OIWFA everyone! Just a few notes and protocols to keep all of our athletes, coaches, and spectators informed, as well as safer to attend games. This QR code links you to our questionnaire, and your data will be kept for screening and contact tracing purposes only.

  • OIWFA requires all spectators to complete a COVID Screening before arrival, or immediately upon arrival.
  • Spectators please note that all parks will be sectioned off differently. Please prepare to sit down the lines and/or in the outfield. Bring chairs, and stay distanced from your fellow spectators please.
  • Teams may not be allowed to mingle with fans/spectators after games at each venue, so please respect each school’s individual policies when attending games this fall.
  • We’re looking forward to a fantastic autumn of competition in our 20th season, and we appreciate everyone’s support, and flexibility while we traverse the pandemic. Stay safe, and thank you for supporting the OIWFA