Outstanding Contribution Award


The OIWFA Outstanding Contribution Award recognizes an individual’s outstanding, long-term contributions to the OIWFA.  The award will be presented at the OIWFA Provincial Championship Banquet.


  • The recipient may have made their contributions as a (including, but not limited to):  player, coach, official, administrator, volunteer, parent, etc.
  • The recipient has significantly impacted the development and growth of the OIWFA
  • The recipient has advocated for and promoted the OIWFA and sport of women’s fast pitch
  • The recipient has be instrumental in implementing new initiatives to gain recognition and support for the OIWFA
  • The recipient will have these contributions to the OIWFA over an extended number of years

Submission Information: 

Nominations should include a detailed explanation as to how the individual meets any of the above criteria.  Nominations can be sent to OIWFA President and will be evaluated by the OIWFA Awards Selection Committee.  


The proposed deadline is September 1st which will give the selection committee 6 weeks to make a decision, notify the recipient and print certificate/engrave plaque.

Award Policies: 

  1. All nominations must be received by the OIWFA President by September 1st at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
  2. The OIWFA Awards Selection Committee will be comprised of the current OIWFA Executive (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) of that calendar year.
  3. On an annual basis, the criteria for the OIWFA Outstanding Contribution Award will be reviewed by the OIWFA Award Selection Committee and recommendations will be presented to OIWFA members at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. All current criteria for the OIWFA Outstanding Contribution Award will be posted on www.oiwfa.org.
  5. Once the OIWFA Secretary receives the nominations, the nomination letters and OIWFA Outstanding Contributor Award Selection Rubric will be distributed to the OIWFA Awards Selections Committee for their review (see Selection Rubric below).
  6. The Awards Selection Committee will use a rubric to score each of the nominations.  This scoring process will be completed by October 1st each year. 
  7. The selected recipient will be invited to the OIWFA Provincial Championship, provided a free banquet ticket and receive a commemorative plaque/framed certificate. 
  8. Promotion of presentation of the OIWFA Outstanding Contributor award will be completed through all of OIWFA media channels.
  9. A featured article will be posted on the awards section of the OIWFA website in order to honour the winner and also promote the award for the following year. 

Selection of Recipient: 

Members of the committee will select a recipient with the aid of the scoring rubric. A successful recipient must receive an overall score of 85%. This information should be included directly on the scoring rubric to ensure that all assessors are aware of the minimum requirements for successful candidates. 


The recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award will be given a free ticket to the OIWFA Provincial banquet and a commemorative plaque.